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Info:×12-albumsGet 211 Photoshop templates in spreadsheet format in order to create memorable 12″12″ photo albums.

Select the layouts you like to create your own travel, family, wedding, fashion or creative photo albums.

The templates allow you to speed up and ease the work. Layer-mounted PSD files make it easy to position your photos using smart object functions and clipping masks. It also allows you to quickly resize your photos by scaling or cropping.

The layouts are classified into folders according to the number of images in the spreadsheet.

The files are saved with the SRGB color profile and according to the technical specifications of the WHCC laboratory, but they can be easily adapted to the specifications of other laboratories. Montages can also be used for smaller album prints of 10″10″, 8″8″ or 6″6″.

You will receive a contact sheet of the layouts with all the file names to facilitate your selection. Instructions and operating tips will also be included.

Minimum: Photoshop CC


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