Folx Pro – Mac download manager and torrent client.



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– Pengiriman akan dikirim menggunakan CD / DVD

Folx Pro 5.14 (13922)
Requirements: OS X 10.9+

Folx Pro merupakan aplikasi seperti Internet Download Manager pada OS Windows namun ini versi untuk Mac OS dan dapat digunakan untuk mendownload torrent juga.


Folx is a perfect match of two amazing functionalities of download manager and torrent client. You can easily download our wanted files. Just click the website that contains the files, enter the link in your browser, and downloading your files with Folx. When there is any interruption, Folx has its auto-resume option for you. Folx allows customers to assign a tag or a few to the downloaded files so you can search it more easily and accurately in the downloaded collection.

Moreover, the PRO version of Folx allows you to search torrents directly from the app. When using Folx PRO, customers don’t have to browse through various torrent trackers to search for things you want. Just type a keywords and Folx will find it in an large list of torrent trackers and you will get a list of relevant results.


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