DaVinci Resolve Studio 16 For Windows / Mac – Windows 10



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– Installer akan dikirim dalam bentuk DVD / Link
– Cantumkan OS yang digunakan di catatan pembelianDaVinci Resolve system requirements:

– Supported Operating Systems: macOS 10.12.6, Windows 10
– Memory Requirement: 8 GB (32 GB Recommended)
– A decent Intel Core i7 CPU is a minimum, but Core i9, AMD Ryzen or AMD Threadripper are the best choices. If you plan on using H.264 / AVC and HEVC camera media, your CPU may be doing the decoding before your GPU even gets involved.
– At least 16GB system RAM is a minimum for any laptop or desktop you are considering. I recommend 32GB.
– Invest in your GPU, it’s probably the single most important component for Resolve (as long as the above two points are met). I would recommend looking for a GPU with at least 4GB dedicated memory, whether it’s a mobile GPU in a laptop, or a desktop card but 6GB, 8GB + won’t hurt.
– If you are looking at a laptop, you can expand your GPU power by plugging in an external eGPU over Thunderbolt 3.
– Storage bandwidth is important. Check the data rate requirements of the media you plan to use with Resolve and make sure you’ve got storage fast enough to deliver those data rates in real time.
– Your desktop screen or monitor is not the best way to monitor for color. When you’re ready to step up your grading game, you should consider a separate video output interface (this can be a card, or an external Thunderbolt interface) and a calibrated reference monitor.


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