Boho Luxury Obsession vol.1



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Info: made and put together, been working for a while on this pack to release it during summer. A vibrant and dazzling treat for those of you who can’t get enough boho mojo in their designs. I am personally obsessed with them and I know many of you are too :p So I made a compilation of all the things my heart desired, everything that I thought would make a great boho pack. This baby contains:

45 marble papers because I absolutely LOOOOVE the marble texture. In super vibrant and summery colours.
40 hand painted ethnic illustrations. All of them painted in watercolor.
31 luxurious hand inked ethnic elements in black and gold.
14 acrylic paint strokes backgrounds – they are seriously so beautiful!
63 watercolor splashes – because you can never have too many and because they are super pretty
2 of my favourite rainbow watercolor papers— just a super juicy splatter of rainbow 😉
20 super pretty seamless patterns in grey scale and some with a dash of gold. A total of over 200 gorgeous elements!


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